Cork Q & A

What makes a Cork Handbag Unique?

  • Extreme Lightness, yet durable.
  • Water Resistant
  • High abrasion and friction resistance
  • Very soft, each product is unique, and no two pieces of cork are equal

Where do you get your Cork?

The cork I use is sourced from Portugal and Spain.

Why Cork?

Cork is a natural sustainable, Peta Certified, Vegan, Eco-friendly imported product from Portugal and Spain.

The bark of the Cork Oak tree is peeled without harming the tree, every 9 years, being re-harvested again and again. Unlike other trees, the Cork Oak is the only tree in the world that can be stripped of its bark and not die — thus making the harvesting of cork 100% sustainable. Some cork forests are 2000 years old. The cork used in this product is similar in durability and the feel of animal leathers, but vegan friendly! It is water resistant and has natural anti mildew/anti-bacterial qualities.

Is Cork Durable?

Cork, as a fabric, is bonded to a cotton/polyester blend fabric. The cork has a UV protectant and Scotch Guard applied by the manufacturer. Cork’s natural properties, may produce small, superficial cracks, especially around sharp corners. As a wood by-product, It has divets and small cracks. Like knots in wood, they add to the beauty of a cork bag adding to its uniqueness and making it highly sought after. As it is a natural substance, it may show some wear over time.

Will colors run?

No. Water resistance to moisture is one of its core strengths.

How Do You Clean Cork?

To clean your cork bag or accessory, please use a cloth dampened with water or a mild, diluted soap to wipe down the bag, wallet, or pouch.