Light, Love, Tears and Laughter

This has been the theme of 2020 since February. We celebrated the entry of the New Year optimistically looking forward towards a hope-filled future. And then, just as the Pandemic had reared its ugly head, challenges were confronting us from all fronts. Once we were asked to shelter-in there was a calm mixed with a dark unknown.

Our daily lives and routines were abruptly changed [as with many of you] -- a new way of living and doing began to change us and our perspectives on life. I can say that it's been the the worst of times and the best of times during the past several months. Now that our state is progressing towards being fully opened [within the guidelines] we are feeling hopeful that businesses large and small will re-open and people will return to their jobs or for those who have lost jobs, find new employment.

I am a prayer warrior and have prayed for our nation, our people, the ill, the homeless, and businesses along with the millions who are jobless ...

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