Light, Love, Tears and Laughter

This has been the theme of 2020 since February. We celebrated the entry of the New Year optimistically looking forward towards a hope-filled future. And then, just as the Pandemic had reared its ugly head, challenges were confronting us from all fronts. Once we were asked to shelter-in there was a calm mixed with a dark unknown.

Our daily lives and routines were abruptly changed [as with many of you] — a new way of living and doing began to change us and our perspectives on life. I can say that it’s been the the worst of times and the best of times during the past several months. Now that our state is progressing towards being fully opened [within the guidelines] we are feeling hopeful that businesses large and small will re-open and people will return to their jobs or for those who have lost jobs, find new employment.

I am a prayer warrior and have prayed for our nation, our people, the ill, the homeless, and businesses along with the millions who are jobless right now and that includes my husband. I took early retirement several years ago, yet I’ve been busy building my small handbag making business. My husband, however, doesn’t know where the new door of opportunity for re-employment will come. We are praying, hopeful, and trust God for wisdom and direction.

Blessings have been part and parcel of our journey and we don’t take them for granted. For my husband, some financial blessings which will help us in the days ahead until he is gainfully employed again. Customers and friends alike have kept me busy creating custom handbags for them before and during the pandemic. Other new opportunities are on the horizon which will help grow my business. For that I am beyond thankful.

I have taken a few days here and there to revise and set new goals for Belia Grace Handbags & Accessories which I plan to share with you in the coming weeks. So stay tuned for new announcements. Currently, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We are adding to and changing our Pinterest Pages and we will announce when that project is complete.

Thank you for following, supporting, and praying for us [huge blessing] plus being a part of our Belia Grace community. God’s blessings to all in the days ahead.