Spring 2018 Colors

I love color and always had crayons, paints, colored pencils, etc. ready whenever I was inspired to draw or paint.    The artistry in making a handbag  involves color which is so inspirational in creating and designing a bag.


Along with other creatives, I have been studying the 2018 Spring color trends for inspiration and creative expression.  The Pantone Color Institute has been at the forefront of identifying color trends, forecasting and developing custom colors for brands and their products.


Pantone released their  12 fashion color trends which you will soon see in every area of design.    These colors are underscored by the culture’s need for self-expression.   Self-expression is visually seen on fashion run-ways.    Consequently, you will see some unusual colors.    They will rum the gamut from energetic, sophisticated,  bright, and serene. So there will be plenty of color for everyone.


The 2018 Spring fashion color palette features  the top 12 colors and 4 core colors.


The 4 core colors are your basics:  navy blue, grey, white, and sand  which are  the foundation in building your fashion wardrobe.


The color palette underscores  how color is evolving.    As consumers we love variety and self-expression.   This expanded palette embraces the world-wide,  multi-generational, and cultural changes as  interpreted by the fashion industry.


 Life is like a box of crayons that color our world.    Oh, joy!